I am Jessica, my passion for the beauty world began from a very young age but in 2014 when I graduated High School I took a leap of faith. I had plans to attend the Arizona State University to pursue Broadcast Journalism but my heart led me to pursue a Cosmetology License. When I obtained my Cosmetology license, I decided to take my knowledge and work in Sephora inside JcPenney as a Makeup Consultant. I learned so much about makeup and the needs women and men were looking for in the beauty industry. This inspired me to take all I had learned from Cosmetology School & Sephora and start my YouTube channel “The Mexican Beauty”. The name was influenced by the pride I took in being Mexican American. Starting a channel was only right as this was the best way to tie my passion for the beauty industry but also my passion for public speaking/broadcasting which is what I was to pursue in college, so I guess you could say this was my full circle moment. Fast forward to today, I am 24 years old, launching my brand where I can combine all my passions in one place: beauty, fashion, and lifestyle to serve YOU. This website will serve as a foundation to share bits and pieces of me to inspire you to believe that the beauty you desire is already within.

Jessica Romualdo