About Me


I guess I will start off with my name for those who do not know.. haha. I am Jessica Romualdo. I was born and raised in Maryland. I am 21 years old. I started this page in Jan 2014 and this is where my passion for beauty began. I started with makeup reviews on this page and I truly had a blast.In 2015 I put my website on pause due to a painful time period in my life. After 3 years I decided to start this page again because I have grown so much and I am excited to share some of my life with you. I must say I am a very private person but I have always had this burning passion to help people and I know that is what I born to do so look at this website as a place where you can come and find some inspiration! I know this blog revolved greatly around beauty but I am expanding it to share more than just that. I plan to share fashion, fitness/health, self help and of course I will sprinkle a little bit of makeup posts but if you really want your makeup dose you should check out my ever growing Youtube Channel! TheMexicanbeauty Channel I thank you for hearing me out. Welcome to http://www.themexicanbeauty.