Orange Smokey Eye for Halloween! 

Hey dolls! 

Today I am getting all of us in the spirit for Halloween by posting this orange smokey eye! This is perfect for Halloween especially if you do not feel like really dressing up and just want to do some fun Halloween makeup! I did a tutorial on this look on my YouTube channel so please go ahead and check that out! and don’t forget to subscribe! 

The most important products used in this look have to be the lipstick by NYX Cosmetics Risqué from the wicked collection and the eye shadow on the lid by makeup geek in the color Vegas lights!  

Have a safe and happy Halloween dolls! 

My Carry On Must Haves! 

Hey dolls! 

Last week I went to NYC for a makeup seminar and of course that meant lots of packing. You might ask yourselves why? Well because it’s NEW YORK and everyone must look on point especially during fashion week. I would talk about all the stuff I packed but I would never finish this post so I just decided to talk about the most important packing part at least to me! And that is the carry on. For me carry on bags are so important because they have all the essentials that you need on the spot while you are travel whether it is to keep you entertained during a long day of travel or keep you tummy full! Here are some of my MUST HAVES! 

#1 Sunglasses – I was driving in car so I had to make sure I had these bad boys to keep my eyes protected from all the sun and hide my makeup free eyes! 

#2 Headphones- For some reason I have to be listening to music when I’m in a car traveling or else I will get really car sick and freak out. 

#3 IPad- This is a MUST have for me to keep me entertained whether it’s listening to music, browsing the Internet or watching a good ole movie. 

#4 Snacks- ahhhh I love me some good snacks! I always like to carry snacks so I don’t get hangry. When I’m hungry I get in the worst mood and no one wants to be around that! Therefore I always like to carry some nice snacks to keep my tummy fueled. 

#5 Chapstick- gotta keep my lips moisturized at all times! There is nothing I hate more than chapped lips. 

#6 Hand Lotion- I also like to keep a  nice hand lotion with me. I like to change it according to season so right now I have my fall appropriate one in the scent pumpkin which I’m loving. 

#7 Sony Nex 5000 Camera-This camera is my life! Perfect for capturing fun moments! 

What are your must have carry on items?! Tell me I want to know! 



Transformation Tuesday! 

Hey dolls! 

I am back again with another post! I’m going to be doing a transformation Tuesday here on my website more often based on client makeovers I do. I am located in the DC,Maryland and Virgina area so if you are interested in a makeover or makeup lesson don’t hesitate to contact me! This makeover I did was for a makeup class I taught this past week. I was going for something glamourous yet effortlessly beautiful. My main focus was making sure my guest’s gorgeous blue eyes stood out! I used the Lorac Unzipped palette. This is one of my go to palettes for freelancing just because it honestly has the best pigmentation and colors are truly long wearing! It is a little on the pricey side but 100% worth it. Can be found at Ulta,Sephora and online for $42

I used Unleashed on her lid which is a beautiful gold shadow that compliments her blue eyes beautifully. You can never go wrong with gold shadows on any skin tone. 

 For the crease I used a matte shadow undeniable mixed with a little of unwind. I used those two shadows on her lower lash line as well to smoke it up because it is a glam look! 


Another focus of mine was contouring her face with the Anastasia Kit, because she is very fair skinned I used the Java shade and banana powder to bake her just to make that contour more intense! For foundation I used maybelline’s Fit Me foundation in porcelain. I love this foundation for people who freelance because it’s affordable and they have matte and dewy finishes for both. For the lips I opted for a settle coral lip gloss! I feel like gloss makes everything more fresh and summery. On the brows I used a brown shadow and brow brush to make that shape and brow wiz to fill in any pieces  because she doesn’t have much to work with but we made it work!  


Let me know what makeovers you want to see next! 


Favorite lipstick! 

Hey dolls! 

I hope you are all well! I am currently writing this as I am laying in bed feeling sooooo sick! It’s the weirdest thing because I should not be having a sore throat and sinus infection right now, it’s summer! But I guess there never is a time you can’t be sick! Another quick side note,I know I’ve been away from YouTube for almost four weeks now but I will be back next week with an amazing makeup tutorial so just stay tuned for that! Anyways! The real reason I am writing this post is because I want to talk about the most beautiful lipstick at the moment and that is Sepia by Anastasia Beverly Hills! 

  So as many of you know she just recently released about 6 new shades of liquid lipsticks  

 and can I just say how gorgeous and impressed I am by them! The main thing I really love about these lipsticks is the new formula! This time around the lipsticks aren’t drying at all, they are matte but they have moisture in them so that your lips don’t look cracked and gross. Another thing I have noticed is that they are longer wearing. I wore it all night thru dinner and a concert and I had to do no touch ups which was very impressive for me! The price is still the same for these lippies they retail for $20. It really impresses me that the Anastasia company goes out of their way to improve the quality of the products continuously because it does speak great volumes about them. Back to the reason I picked sepia out of all these beautiful shades was because the color out of this fall collection really screams fall to me. You guys are probably wondering well why is she wearing it so much now in the summer well.. I must admit I’m just so ready for fall haha! Not only that but this lipstick really does complement so many skin tones and I feel like it isn’t something hard to pull off whether you wear a simple look or a more dramatic look you can’t go wrong with this color. Sepia really does remind me of the stone by Mac and Dose of Colors except those are a tad nuder.  

(For the look I kept the eyes simple and matte and the lips did all the talking for this look!) 

 If you are on a hunt for a good lipstick for the fall that is long wearing, makes a statement and won’t get all over you pumpkin spice latte cup I would totally recommend this one! :) 

Hope this post was enjoyable! 


Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture Palette! 

Palette is LIMITED EDITION! Retails for 30 dollars can be found on Anastasia Beverly Hills website, Macy’s, Ulta, and Sephora.

Hi guys! 

I am so sorry I’ve been MIA! I actually just moved into a new place and I’ve barley had time to do anything besides unpack and get things organized. I’ve been wanting to get this post up for a week or two! The reason I didn’t want to post anything earlier was because I really wanted to recreate a look using the colors in this palette! I was able to get my hands on one of my clients and try this palette! I love doing looks on myself but there is nothing better than actually getting hands on with different faces so that I can show you different techniques! To start off I want to talk about this palette which has 12 shades which include some warm tones, neutral, and bright colors. I love palettes like these because they have a little bit of everything and can be used as a day to night look! I know sometimes we can all be a little tight with money so it’s good to find palettes that not only have colors for one specific look. This palette ranges from mattes to metallic shimmery shades. I, also love this because I love working with both types when I’m doing a look. It’s important for me to have that matte shade for the crease and the shimmer shade for my lid. As for pigmentation on these shadows I give them a 10, they are some of the most pigmented products that I have tried,especially those shimmer shades they just look so fabulous swatched. The more neutral shades didn’t really show up on my arms when I tried to swatch them because I am tanner now that it is summer. 


In this look I started off with morocco & fudge on the crease. I did a harsh outline of fudge on my crease so that I could later blend that into morocco. This application of metallic on the crease was done with no fix plus so you can see how incredibly pigmented it was!    
  Here I went in and focused on contouring her cheeks just to add some definition to the gallows of her cheek. I used Java & Havanna mixed together by Anastasia Beverly Hills.    Now!! I went ahead and blended out the inner part of her crease closest to her nose to give it that gradual fading effect. When I work with people who have smaller lids I really like to do a cut crease because it give it that illusion that their lids are larger. 

 For the finished look we went in and kept blending the crease and added vanilla by Anastasia Beverly Hills on her browbone. I always feel like adding a brow bone highlight just ties the whole eye look together! If you are wondering what the gorgeous lip color is it is Exorcism by Kat Von D. 

If you guys live in the DMV area and are looking for a makeup artist do not hesitate to contact me! 

Champagne Pop by Becca & Jaclyn Hill 

hey dolls! 

Today I’m going to be talking about the most talked about highlighter right now! CHAPAGNE POP!!!! A collaboration between Becca Cosmetics and Jaclyn Hill, a very well known beauty you tuber and makeup artist.It is exclusively available on now and will be available in stores June 16th. It did sell out online the first day but they just restocked and is now back in stock! Keep in mind it’s limited edition so it will not be available for much longer! This highlight is soft white with a hint of gold with some peach undertones! I love how amazing it is on the skin and the pigmentation is just phenomenal! One swipe and you have a fleektastic highlight!  What I like using this product for is my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and my Cupid’s bow! When I first saw this highlight I was very hesitant just because I am a little tanner and most people were saying that this highlight was geared towards the ladies who are very faired skin but I didn’t let that interfere with the fact that I needed champagne pop in my life! When I swiped that first stroke on my face I was like YESSSS HIGHLIGHT ON FLEEK! It literally just shimmered and glowed like the heavens! I totally recommend this highlight for people with fair to medium skin and for my dark skin girls I say Topaz would just look STUNNING ON YOU! Another one of my favorites by Becca! These highlighters do retail for $38 a pop so it is on the pricey side but if you want to invest in a highlighter I say this is the one! I hope this review helped you all who are hesitant! Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! 


   As you can see on my tan arms very pigmented! 
Here I’m wearing it everywhere! On my cheekbones, inner teatduct, the middle of my eye lid, the bridge of my nose, and above my eyebrows! 


June Beauty Favorites 2015!

Happy Friday dolls!

Today I wanted to share my ultimate beauty favorites in the month of June, I do not have many but the ones that I am going to be talking about are worth the purchase.

Laura Geller Ballerina

So towards the end of May I was desperately looking everywhere for the Laura Geller highlighters because I saw Amrezy, a well known makeup artist raving about them. The one that she raved about was Gilded Honey but that one was not in stock at my local Ulta so I opted out for Ballerina because it looked gorgeous swatched and had a stunning pink undertone going on. I will be going more in depth on highlighters soon here on my website so stay tuned for that! If you are on the hunt for really pigmented highlighters I really do recommend these bad boys, you can only find them at Ulta for $26.



Mac Velvet Teddy & Pacific Gloss in Opal

Summer is all about sticking to that natural glowing from within look so I had to make sure that I had an alternative option from those bright corals we all love in the summer! I had invested in Mac’s Velvet Teddy a few months ago but just kept it shacked up in my lipstick collection when I finally came across it I thought Girl! No need to look no more because you have the perfect nude natural color right in front of you, I am not a huge fan of glosses because I hate how sticky they can get but this pacifica gloss was the perfect gloss, not too sticky and perfectly pigmented so what I did was apply that over Velvet Teddy and BAMN I had the perfect summer natural combo!

MAC Velvet Teddy- $16

Pacific Gloss in Opal- $12

DSC01136 DSC01142
KLORANE Dry Shampoo

The past few months I have been testing different dry shampoos because I am trying so hard not to wash my hair every day, I do not know what it is but I just hate the feeling of not having washed hair every single day. FYI, it is not a good thing to wash your hair every single day especially if you have color in your hair the last thing you want to do is wash your freshly colored 200 plus dollar balayage down the drain literally.. Anyways, I have tried so many different dry shampoos and I can say this is by far my favorite one because it smells amazing, my hair feels refreshed and it does not leaving white in your hair which is something I HATE because I have jet black hair and I do not want any white in my hair. This dry shampoo has oat milk to soothe and protect and corn and rice starches to absorb excess oils. It also adds volume and texture to revive the hair and make it look like its fresh out of the shower! The product is a French product as well!


You can find it at Sephora for $20.00

Ardell Lashes 203

I am a lashaholic… Like.. I cannot even deny that I will spend MONEY on lashes and you want to know why? BECAUSE MAMA HAS NO DAMN LASHES! I love using Ardell because they are inexpensive and I do not have to worry about being super careful with them because its not like they are a pair of velour mink lashes that range from $35-40 a pair.I have been loving these because they are super fluffy and semi dramatic, they just go perfect with a smokey/dramatic eye.

You can find these at Ulta for about $4!

Liquid Lipsticks (Anastasia Beverly Hills Neon Coral & Stila Patina)

YAZZZ, my favorite part of favorites LIPSTICKS! I love me some bomb ass liquid lipsticks. I am a ride or die ABH fan so you know I had to purchase like all my favorite ones, Neon Coral just spoke to me so much because it just screams a fun summer night out! Stila Patina on the other hand is my go to comfort zone favorite color, it can easily go with a dramatic eye or a very natural eye look.


Anastasia Bevery Hills Lipsticks – $20

Stila Liquid Lipstick- $22


Mario Badescu Keratoplast Cream Soap

This has been my go to face wash at the moment! I went to Ulta 2 months ago in hopes of finding something that would save my face! I have been wearing makeup almost every day and I felt like my face was just getting worse and I must say I do not have bad skin THANK GOODNESS! but what I do suffer from is redness on my cheeks. When I went into Ulta I talked to one of the girls who works there and we found something that she said would work well with my redness and sensitive areas. Mario products can be a little bit pricey but luckily this one was only $12.00 and it is pretty big and full for having it for two months! It is meant for soothing the redness as well as leaving it soft and smooth and it did just that for me. One tip I can give you guys who wear a lot of makeup is to go in with a makeup removing wipe and remove the first layer of makeup and once your face looks like it is makeup free go ahead and wash it with your cleanser for that awesome deep cleaning that your skin should be getting!

Mario Badescu Rose Water

AHHHH I DIE for this stuff! It basically is a refreshing, hydrating mist that can be applied any time of the day, to set your makeup , or even on your hair when it gets a little dry. And! it smells AMAZING! This is perfect spray for the summer because we all have those moments throughout a summer day where we are just so dehydrated and exhausted so we want to make sure that we bring back some life back into our faces! You can find this bad boy at Ulta for $7!


I hope that you dolls enjoyed my June Favorites! and now onto discovering new goodies for July! Oh! Let me know what your favorites for June were in the comment section below and I will be sure to check them out!